Future Page Rank Tools

There are a bunch of different page rank predictor websites out there in the wild, but it seems that there aren’t many reliable tools. I tried a variety of tools, all of them claiming to predict a website’s future page rank. However, I found that some of the websites merely queried Google search engine websites for current rank information. Not one of them actually predicted anything. Moreover, I found that few of them used any information that wasn’t available from Google directly. So why bother? Well, you can read more about Linkrain’s experience using these tools the result of which was: most of the predictions where wrong.
I’ve tried these tools and found that most of them were not telling something I didn’t know already. I’ll just mention two tools that I liked:

1. PR Prediction and recorder provides a useful summary of not just PR information, but a bunch of other stuff, too!

PR prediction + recorder
now-PR, DCs live-PR, PR-prediction & PR-history records all in one
plus Google Yahoo MSN AltaVista back links history records

Type in domain something but not nothing.

2. Google PageRank Prediction seems to provide the only genuine alternative number I could find that showed some rationale for their number.

One website that just didn’t work no matter what I entered.

So, if you are looking to find out where your website might be heading, try these tools, but take the results you get with a large pinch of salt!