Tips on Getting a Good Balance Transfer Card

If you possess a credit card with a huge amount of debts and could only devote small monthly payments to paying off the outstanding amounts, then you might want to try balance transfers credits cards to lessen your burden. A lot of people transfer their balances from one card to another and taking advantage of new and fresh offers. This is basically known as rate surfing or card jumping.

Getting a cheaper rate: reduce your interest payments!

Balance transfer credit cards can be very useful in reducing interest rates on bank loans and other loans. If your credit limit is high then you might just be able to complete your loan payment. Some credit cards even provide checks solely for this purpose, however, you need to be very cautious about this. There are some cards checks that can cost higher rates more than the card itself. It is advisable to carefully read the fine print first before anything else. Most credit cards are generous enough to allow you in making balance transfer. This is the best resort after undergoing intense shopping spree.

Choose your balance transfer card

There are two types of balance transfers that you could choose from. A lot of companies offer consumers a chance to male balance transfers for a 0% rate at a certain fixed period, which may run from6 to 9 months. The moment the card expires, the rate of the outstanding transferred balance will go back to the standard rate. This will come out to be naturally a higher rate. The best way to utilize the benefit of 0% transferred balance is to get a new one before the credit card expires. You can transfer your remaining balance to a new credit card and continue the benefit of having 0% interest rate.

Don’t apply for too many cards

Be sure that you won’t apply for numerous credit cards all at the same time as this may affect your credit rating. Another type of transaction balance offer is the fixed rate of money that can be transferred granting that it will remain on the card. This is quite a good option if you are paying a high interest rate. This will offer a rate of 5% that is much lower as compared to the standard interest rates. Which ever type you choose, it will be a great help in lifting your burden in paying your outstanding balances.

Check the Purchase Rates, too!

Consider also the purchase rates of the credit card. This kind of offer allows you to check certain rates that can be applied to your purchases. Credit cards that offers lows transfer balance rate most of time have higher rates of credit card expenditure. It is also advisable that you make your payments to lower rates at first. This means that you will be paying a little because of spending on your credit card.

Regardless of the type of the card balance transfer, each of them have their own offer that could be of great advantage which basically depends on the outstanding amount of your debts and the way you spend and pay your balances. Shopping around with a balance transfer card in hand could give you a lot of savings.

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