Four Corners: Australian Documentary TV at its best

We’ve been watching our local Broadband TV for more than a year now. One of the channels I really enjoy is ABC Australia Pacific or Australia Network as it is now called. There is one program that is particularly good and that is 4 Corners, which is a public affairs program that investigates economic matters, politics, religion, and business.


Eyes Wide Open – Quentin McDermott reports on the high cost to society when we no longer value sleep. Also available in Windows Media video format.

*The Home Front – Jonathan Holmes explores practical, achievable ways for Australians to cut energy consumption. How do we improve the design of our homes and the products that we put inside them?

*You Only Live Twice – Four Corners takes you on an unusual trip – and asks, just how far can we all go in virtual worlds like Second Life?

*Peak Oil? – Jonathan Holmes investigates why oil prices are high and asks how long the world has left to prepare for a day when there is not enough oil to go around. This edition provides extended interviews and interactives exploring both sides of the peak oil debate.

*Who’s Afraid of Nuclear Power? – Is Australia’s aversion to nuclear power soundly based? Or are there lessons to be learned from other countries’ experience?

*The Kilwa Incident – Four Corners presents an online edition of “The Kilwa Incident” first broadcast on 20 June 2005, examing how an Australian mining company became implicated in a massacre.

*The High Frontier – Four Corners presents an extended edition of our program The High Frontier, we explore this little-known but booming industry high above our heads.

I’ve marked good programs for those interested in business news as well as financial issues! Happy viewing. BTW, some of the programs are deemed unsafe for U.S. Republicans who support Pat Robertson, and those on the right! Those on the other side might find the programs enlightening.

Watch them, and share which one you find interesting in the comments!