Forelose the Negativity

I was incensed by people’s attitudes to this young man’s mistakes. Read the blog by yourself and come to your own conclusions. But here is my reply:


Don’t let these idle comments from naysayers bring you down. Concentrate on fixing up your mistakes by trying to do the best for everyone.
Too many comments are by people who think they know best how to solve your problem, you know, like get two jobs, this blog ain’t gonna make you money… blahblahblah.. I don’t know why people feel so compelled to ‘lecture’ you on your mistakes. Like you didn’t know or something?! It’s ridiculous! I guess there is always that perverse part about human nature that likes to say “I told you so” “You shouldn’t have done that…”
So I say: keep plugging away, try to fix up the mistakes you made, and most importantly, LEARN… because that’s what life is for. There are too many cowards out there who are scared shitless to do anything, because of the fear of making a mistake! They’re too scared to change their job, too scared to move out of their family home, too scared even to buy a pc, … I guarantee, you’ll never be a success if you never make any mistakes! So, as soon as you get over the fear of making mistakes, the sooner your education can begin!
Just my 2c.