Firefox Add-ons: You have HOW many!?

firefox add-ons

For those of you who use Firefox in any of the recent incarnations, you’ll be quite happy to discover there are hundreds of ‘add-ons’ that you can use for your installation.

I have repeatedly reinstalled my add-ons as I’ve changed pcs over the last few months, but I can never remember all of the adds that I have so this post is to help me, and inform you of the plugins that I like to use…

AdBlock Plus: Blocks Ads. It’s that simple. Useful if you want to make sure you don’t click on your own Google Ads by mistake!

All-In-One Sidebar: a useful plugin that puts everything you need in a sidebar (yes, another sidebar!), just like in the photo on the right.

FasterFox: a plugin that automates the process of speeding up your browser.

Firefox Showcase: Make it easy to switch to the right window in FF. This is very useful for people who open multiple windows (as I do!).

FireFTP: I’ve been a fan of FileZilla for a long time, but recently found that the software isn’t as reliable as it used to be. Having an FTP client IN your browser really helps with little things that you have to upload, but forgot!

Foxmarks: Blogged here already.

Foxy Tunes: Adds a simple Media Controller at the bottom of the browser, and works with MOST media players nowadays. I always install it.

GmailSpace: An easy to add plugin that turns your Gmail into a kind of folder for your hard drive! Upload all sorts of stuff, and store it in Google.

IETab: Allows with one click the option to show pages through IE. This is fabulous if you have trouble accessing CERTAIN websites without support for FF. (it’s insane that all sites still don’t support FF! Even MSN does nowadays.). Anyway, it works well.


PayperpostOpps: for Payperpost Opps.

Reload Every: so you’re bidding on Ebay, and your worried about losing out on the auction! Reload allows you to auto-reload the page every x seconds/minutes.

Scribe Fire: The old Performancing plugin. I use it occasionally now, as I prefer BlogDesk for its no-nonsense use, and nice jpeg handling.

Search Status: Allows you to check the PR and Alexa ranking, amongst other things.

Tab Mix Plus: Adds extra options on each tab. Very useful, if you close a tab accidentally.

I’m including a jpeg of my desktop to show you what I mean. It’s a little blurry, but you can make out the obvious ones! Anyway, these are my favorite plugins right now. Any other ‘essential’ suggestions? Add them to our comments! Also, I would like to see who has the most! I have 16, but I can think of another six that I’d like! Anyone got more?

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