Finding your publicity on InvestorBlogger!

Ever since I launched InvestorBlogger in its first incarnation about three years ago, I have recognized how difficult it is to get traffic for new blogs. InvestorBlogger therefore offers a number of easy ways to get traffic that bloggers should know about.

So if you have a blog, and you’d like a little extra publicity, try these…

#1: Sign up for a BlogBuzz with your Blog.

#2: Comment on a post in this blog, leave your URL or Blog in the post, I’ll reply to your comment and follow your link to post a comment there within 72 hours (Comment4Comment!).

#3: Comment more than 10 times and get a do-follow link to your blog! That’s find 10 great posts and leave a meaningful comment there so that future readers follow your link!

#4: Use your entrecard points to ‘buy’ a slot on my EntreCard place. Currently it’s only 16 credits to get an ad! That’s cheap! And you’ll show up in two places if you drop your card anytime!

#5: Submit your link to my blogroll by placing a link on your blog or website! It’s easy and quick to do.

#6: Submit one of your relevant posts to my carnivals. If your article is selected, you get a free PR link and traffic to your article! I currently run two carnivals: MakingRealMoney and DotComCarnival. I’m always happy to consider new articles.

#7: You can contact me on FaceBook and on SocialSpark, too.

Oh, and I’m friendly, and I don’t bite!