Finding a new host/home for your website:

As many of you know, I had to update my hosting after I was experiencing a number of problems, including slow servers, crashed websites, and so on. It’s all behind me now, and I’m glad.


But finding a new webhosting company is never easy with the thousands of competing companies and dozens of hosting review companies, too. To make matters worse, there are dozens of different types of plans all at different price points. So, when I upgraded this site, not to a full dedicated host as I don’t have the skill set to manage that, but to a virtual private host. It wasn’t important that I find the cheapest but the best hosting company in the web hosting top10. suggested a few options that I hadn’t thought of for virtual hosting, and if you look through the companies listed under other categories, you’ll surely find more options on the companies own websites, as I did. Also, you’ll find some interesting tips, ideas and posts on their blog.

Of the top 10 on their list, I’ve head good things about Bluehosting, LunarPages, Monster Hosting, and Hostgator, but I’ve not heard much good about Yahoo! Hosting. Do check out their reviews if you are looking for hosting, you can do feature and price comparisons before you buy. Also, don’t forget to check for money back guarantees just in case things do go belly up. I just wish they had a better looking front page… Oh, well, we can’t always judge a website by the first page, right?

How did you find your hosting company this time? Did you use a review service like this? Did you ask someone or did you just research on Google for reviews?

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