Eee: Economical, Easy, and … Wait till you want one!

By | October 19, 2007

The Eee PC701 is coming, and coming soon. More details are now avaible for this machine, though you can see my original post here.

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Eee PC 701 [EeeUser Wiki Home] says of the machine:

The ASUS Eee PC 701 (manufacturer product page) is an upcoming ultraportable notebook computer with an estimated starting price of $199 USD.1) It was developed jointly by Intel and ASUSTeK based on Intel’s Classmate PC project but with an aim for the consumer market. Unlike some broadly similar devices, notably UMPCs and upcoming MIDs, this computer features the traditional clamshell design, touchpad pointing device, and QWERTY laptop keyboard. Its appeal lies in its combination of portability, low cost, relatively high performance, and familiar ease of use.

While the entry forASUS Eee PC – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia writes:

Eee PC 2G Surf (700)
* Processor: 900 MHz Intel Dothan 512KB L2 cache[13]; official information says only Dothan-based Intel Pentium M, however at the recent IDF it was shown with a Celeron M, furthermore Celeron-based models have been reviewed by independent news sites[14]
* Chipset: Intel 915GM series[8]
* Graphics: integrated Intel GMA 900 graphics processor (sharing memory), additional VGA port
* Display: 17.8 cm (7 in)
* Memory: 256MB DDR2-400 RAM (soldered)
* Storage: 2GB Solid state drive flash.
* Expansion: one PCI Express Mini Card connector[8]
* OS: Linux System/ Hardware Compatible with Windows XP – sources show a Xandros-based Linux variant[15] running KDE. It will therefore most likely run any other off-the-shelf Linux distribution.
* Communication: 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, 802.11b/g wireless LAN (Atheros-based)
* Ports: prototypes provide either 3[16] or 4[9] USB 2.0, MMC/SD/MS card reader, microphone and headphone, VGA connector
* Input: Keyboard and touchpad
* Audio: Hi-Definition Audio CODEC; built-in stereo speaker; built-in microphone
* Battery: 4-cell, 4400 mAh: ~2.8 hrs
* Dimensions: 225 × 165 × 21~35 mm (8.9 × 6.5 × 0.9~1.4 in)[17]
* Weight: 920 g (2.03 lbs)
* Colors: White, black, green, blue, pink.

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Prices in Taiwan will start at NT$7,999 and go up to nearly double that for the 8GB model. I can’t find pricing for the XP version, that that intrigues me even more!

Can’t wait for its release! I want to see what it looks like for myself. It should encourage me to be a mobile blogger!

Would you like one? Let me know!

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