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Dreamhost is a great host for bloggers. In fact, this blog is hosted on DreamHost. I just noted that they have added a “YouTube” type feature on their system (see their announcement). I haven’t experimented with that yet, but I’m planning to convert all my videos to this feature, because I will have more freedom on the content outwith the terms of YouTube.

DreamHost Newsletter v8.11 November 2006

And I’ve got the video to prove it! And I’ve even got the Flash embedded
media player to show it! And, I’ve even got the Flash embedded image-
rotator to show it if it were a slide show instead of FULL MOTION VIDEO!


Go there and you’ll see what the HECK I’m talking about! It’s a way to
put your OWN videos up on your OWN site in your OWN flash player, sans
third party logos and linking! And yet still very easy to use. How DO
we do it?

For those of you interested, here’s some information from the feature below.

Free Flash Media Tools For Your Site!

We now include a free flash-based media player as well as an image rotator for use on any DreamHost hosting account!

Please visit https://media.dreamhost.com/ for the full details!

The media player can only play videos in “FLV” format, which is why we’ve provided the handy-dandy tool below for converting the most popular video formats into FLV!

AVI/MOV/MPEG/MPG to FLV converter:

Choose size for resulting FLV file (will be stretched if necessary):

Regular (320×240). Large (640×480). Regular Widescreen (320×180). Large Widescreen (640×360). Custom:

Neat tools. You just upload the file (via FTP) to your server. Then choose the location and enter the filename. Then you need to choose the format. After that, hey Presto! Copy the code into your blog or wherever! I’ll try this tomorrow.
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