DonationWare: Three plugins that allow Paypal Donations

By | May 26, 2007

Many bloggers are solely reliant on Adsense for their blogging incomes to cover their hosting costs, additional costs, etc.. This isn’t a great practice as it puts all your income eggs in one basket.

There are a variety of other income streams that you could tap for additional, supplementary, or even replacing your Adsense revenue. Donations are one of them.

There are a variety of donationware plugins from simple buttons that you can conjure up in your Paypal account, to actual plugins that you can install and activate. This posts highlights three such plugins:

1. Here’s an interesting and thematic way to get donations, it’s called Buy Me a Beer – PayPal Donation WordPress Plugin;

2. Paypal Donate: another plugin;

and 3. perhaps the easiest to install, a Paypal donate widget.

Let me know your thoughts on DonationWare. Would you give money?

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