Do you use good Anti-Virus Software?

Bloggers ought to be canny about their pc security. There are so many bad things that can find your way onto your pc, that it should be enough to give you nightmares! I don’t even want to get into the investment side of things!

It’s a priority for those of us who access our computers for financial or investment purposes to be extra careful. I’ll discuss my chosen route to software security for finances in a future post. In the meantime, rest easy, good anti-virus software is only a download away. I’ll be running a short series in the future on this issue… Don’t know exactly when! But soon!
Norton Anti Virus 2007 is an excellent choice for those of you running XP or Vista. Their Norton Antivirus Product Tour, or User’s Guide or Help & Support Forum should give you a much better idea if the product is suitable for you. In addition to the viruses, spyware and worms that are all common, I like the fact that rootkit protection is also included. Pretty much all the other features are standard: email, chat, updates, central control panel.

There are other anti-virus options out there, but whichever one you choose, for whatever system you have, make sure that you: run it, update it, and scan regularly.
For those of you using Mac, click here. But Linux users don’t have a choice here at all! However, do you Linux users lose much sleep over these kinds of things? I wonder…

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