Do business or study business? Why an MBA could help you!

A master’s in business administration provides many opportunities for recent graduates to find lucrative careers in a wide range of industries. Business administration is a college major that prepares students for jobs in the private sector and public sector. It is one of the top-rated, marketable degrees that employers want most. Many employers are searching for people who qualify for different positions and can handle diverse job duties. The skills that students learn while pursuing a master’s degree in business administration transcend to more than just one particular profession or one industry. Some of the fundamental skills for success, like critical thinking, leadership, analytical and communication, are developed while completing the degree program, which is important for many professions.

An individual who holds a degree in business can work in several industries, including advertising, finance, human resources, retail management, research, education, insurance, banking, real estate and more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the median salary for business and financial occupations range between $50,000 and $70,000 annually, although the actual salaries vary depending on the particular occupation, the extent of the job responsibilities and the location of the employer. Depending on the employer, an individual may receive additional incentives, such as bonuses, medical benefits and retirement benefits.

There are different levels of concentration with a business administration degree program. Students can choose specific business concentrations, such accounting, marketing, finance, management and information technology. The coursework incorporates general areas of business administration as well specific courses designed for specific majors. For instance, typical courses for a master’s in finance concentration focus on statistics, economic theory, financial research and banking; however, the coursework for master’s in marketing program involves subjects including marketing research and analysis, consumer data analysis and marketing promotions.

A master’s degree from a prestigious institution, such as Washington State University, gives an individual a competitive edge to qualify for and procure top-level job positions. In addition to completing the fundamental coursework for business administration, a master’s degree program provides the opportunities for students to explore in-depth courses in specific majors, enabling students to develop expert knowledge and skills.