Digi-Cameras: Pictures of the North Coast of Taiwan

My wife and I have always enjoyed taking pictures with our assorted cameras, though I would hardly consider myself decent as a photographer. In fact, as we speak, she is sorting through our thousands of photographs and adding them to some photo frames that we never used…

It reminded me of the hundreds of photos, negatives, and digi-images that I have taken over the years. And I’ve gone through a range of cameras including…

  • A Kodak 35mm camera;
  • A Practika SLR;
  • A Kodak Digital Camera C360 (my second).

There are three others that I can’t remember right now… including one Russian camera with a dual lens that I could never get to work properly.

Recently, we’ve spent a lot of time travelling around the North Coast of Taiwan exploring the bays, harbors, beaches and scenery. I’m attaching a few of my favorite images for you to enjoy.

100 1795

View of the Baishwan Bay Area North East Coast, Taiwan.

100 0671

Fuji Harbor – North East Coast Taiwan.

100 0680

Local seafood merchant at Fuji Harbor.

These pictures capture some of the spirit of the fishing areas of the North East Coast. Taken with a not too modest Kodak C360 Camera, the quality is great for blogging and web albums. It produces good quality pictures for home use, though I’m kind of hankering something with 7 or more megapixels, and a much larger LCD screen. So, thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy the post. And quit drooling over the keyboard!

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