DI-524: The Worst Router in the World?

D-Link systems are the proud manufacturers of perhaps one of the worst performing wireless routers… yes, the DI-524 model. You see, I bought their DI-624 and was quite happy with its performance, simplicity and stability. Of course, it was the first one I bought, so I thought all D-Link systems were good. But then I bought the DI-524. In general, it’s stable in some ways, but … BUT… B U T every so often the system connection just times out. I had thought it was my ISP, but when I connected to the DSL directly, I didn’t have any such problem. It seems both wireless and LAN connections just go on a slowdown for no apparent reason. It needs a box reboot to get things going again. Sometimes a new connection will patch things over for a while, but then you’re going to have to reboot at some time.

Mmm. Do a search for other posters writing about the D-Link DI-524 box and you’ll see what I mean. In the meantime I’m shopping for a new router.