Creeping in at #10: InvestorBlogger on Today’s Top Ten Commentators!


I thought I’d better commemorate this moment, by publishing a screenshot of my first “top commentators” notch on JohnChow’s blog! I don’t know how long I will be able to stay there, as some commentators are pretty ferocious! Also, I did try to get here before, but I think on my pc, Firefox can’t open so many pages of John Chow’s blog, as the memory requirements are quite steep! Those little avatars can be quite demanding memory wise! I am beginning to think that MyBlogLog should introduce tighter restrictions on their maximum size!

Wonder if I’ll see any traffic from John Chow! I’ll let you know tomorrow!

Update: I managed to get upto fourth position recently due to comments expiring, and have been receiving some traffic as a result! Thanks, John.

Best Wishes