Consulting and Advising – Combining Blogging and your Career

Teaching: It isn’t all about grammar and vocabulary!

I’ve been a teacher of ESL (if you’re American) or EFL (if you’re not) for more than years now than I have fingers and toes, and in that capacity, I’ve been privileged to teach people in Taipei City and Taipei County from all walks of life: business men and women, clerks, company workers, pc engineers, sales staff, students of all ages, bankers, doctors, nurses, etc. Despite teaching English, I often find myself advising and consulting with my clients on learning English rather than just simply teaching vocabulary and grammar (or other prescriptions of language learning).

New Vistas: New Paths

It was still a surprise when I found myself in the role of consultant for someone I’d never met, and in a field that I was less familiar with: blogging. Recently, I’ve been involved with setting up, administering and writing for a blog as a supplement to a static website. Naturally, this is a market that is going to grow leaps and bounds in the coming few years, until Web3.0 takes over. Since I’ve been involved in computers for many years, and been working in blogging on and off since 2004 pretty much as my passion, I found that I’ve come to learn and know a little in a wider range of areas: blogging, marketing online, online tools, wordpress software, writing, etc.

Consulting: Opportunities in All Areas

I’ll be revealing more about the project as I work away on it, and as it’s going to be a challenge coming up with refreshing and interesting posts. Something I’m looking forward to doing. For those of you looking into creating online income, consulting is an option that is open to many bloggers though it may not be easy to go head to head with the big guys out there. If you have experience in a professional or business field that is much more specific, you could still find many opportunities to put your blogging skills to good use online and offline in the field of consulting, but particular to your specialty whatever that may be.

Did this happen to you, too?

But it isn’t the first time I’ve found that people are interested in what I have to say about a range of subjects; nor is it the first time someone has suggested directly or indirectly that consulting may be a career choice for me? In fact, one of the reasons I started InvestorBlogger dot com was because I found that many people were struggling with the same financial problems I was. While I hadn’t found the ANSWERS per se, I had found some ways that worked for some situations, and I was eager to share those successes.

Blogging: Opening New Paths?

It was only when I started blogging that I began to discover the core of my interests, and for me, blogging became not a didactic process (me telling you WHAT to do) but a dynamic and very personal process that helped me to further my interests in a number of areas, as well as help my readers. Too often when I read other blogs in the field of money & finance I hear the voice of the blogger shouting: “Do this” or “Don’t do that!” … as if it were the 10 Commandments… and I am repelled because I KNOW it isn’t like that.

There are more ways to peel a potato or cook an egg than one. It’s only by accepting and understanding that that we can begin to see alternatives: new ways to write, new ways to learn, new ways to share, and new ways to make money. It’s not a cookbook or a book of instructions, rather it’s a pantry with ingredients, some raw, some part-cooked, some chilled… We’re the chef whose job it is to combine, create and re-create what is there.

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