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Adwords or Sempo? Adwords or Sempo? What should it be?

Apogee Search Engine Marketing has a noteworthy blog here. The blog covers a wide range of SEO topics that InvestorBloggers might love, such as Tools, SEO, Marketing, etc. It’s well worth checking out and adding this blog to your RSS feeds. Now that they have joined the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) as well as being accepted… Read More »

Coupons – Purchase and Save!

Coupons are a great way to save your cash, really. If you are out to equip your home office, you can try DELL Coupons, Staples Coupon Codes, or Overstock for great deals. For many items, especially items that you would use regularly, you can check out the codes here and save the money for other uses. If you… Read More »

Some Good Reading

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One Degree More

Jonathan Jordan, a bio of a coach, has created a new website to provide a vehicle for coaching in personal lives and in business life. I like the metaphor that he uses: Applying just one extra degree of temperature to water means the difference between something that is simply very hot and something that generates enough force to power… Read More »

Target: November Stats, 2007

Personal Stats OK. Here it is. My own search for Financial Common Sense and Freedom. Beginning Income (November 2006) US$179.88 PPP = 65% Google = 5% Stocks = 24% Interest = 6% Goal = USD$1,200 Target = 15% Achieved. This is my initial target. I don’t intend to earn a lot of money through PPP as I don’t… Read More »

Blog Your Way to $$$

You should try Payperpost as a way to raise money for your blogging expenses! It costs a lot of money to blog, why not find a useful way to earn a little more through actually writing! It’s got to be a more fun way to make money than the daily grind! Well, I’m trying this website as a… Read More »

Personal Accounts Software: Acemoney

I have been using AceMoney for keeping my home accounts and my business accounts for the past few months. I’m going to write about my limited experiences with this software. I did think about trying more ambitious software to do this, but I shyed away from MSN Money and Quickbooks. I’ve tried a bunch of other stuff, too,… Read More »