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Independently wealthy or just a great salary?

Ask Steve – Money and Financial Issues What do I do with the excess cash that the business is throwing off? An answer for you, Steve! I understand your situation, but I am concerned that your perception may not be quite right. Yes you do have a LARGE salary, well-done. You manage your debt wisely, too. YOu have… Read More »

DELL: A Chance for Capital Appreciation?

I’d be very disinclined to buy Dell now. I’ve seen it ride up and down between 30 and 45 two or three times. I don’t see much opportunity for growth there, unfortunately in the short term. Though recently it’s been looking frothy again. Here’s another view: Today’s Issue of Steve Sjuggerud’s DailyWealth Why I’m Not Buying Dell by… Read More »

Pixi Ads: Little Ads Big Impressions

The internet is a big a place, has been around for nearly 40 years, and is full of billions and billions of pages, sites, words, images, etc… So I have a special message for you, if you’ve just been online since 2010… YOU’RE NOT THE FIRST ONE!