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Good Blogs: Dividend Guy Blog

The Dividend Guy Blog – One Guy’s Journey to Passive Income Through Dividend Investing » I’ve been enjoying exploring this blog for a number of reasons. I can’t remember exactly how I came across the blog. But I bookmarked it for further explorations. so here are the reasons I like this blog: 1. it focuses on choosing dividends,… Read More »

Stupid Trades #1: NAT

          The start of this tale begins in 2003. I had been looking for stocks with better than average dividends. After being burned somewhat in the 2000 stock debacle that was the undoing of the stock boom period, I had sought for other ways to generate wealth. At that point, I had bought a… Read More »

Forelose the Negativity

I was incensed by people’s attitudes to this young man’s mistakes. Read the blog by yourself and come to your own conclusions. But here is my reply: Casey, Don’t let these idle comments from naysayers bring you down. Concentrate on fixing up your mistakes by trying to do the best for everyone. Too many comments are by people… Read More »

Savings Story: Building Capital

One of the basic tenets of any investor is that you need to create a capital base on which you can found your investing. Yet how can you do this when there’s never any money left? I have tried this solution and it seems to work quite well. One top technique that many people use is the saving… Read More »

Savings Story: Keeping a Record

First blogged here. Edited post. At the beginning, when I got married, we spent pretty much all our savings on the wedding itself, on some furnishings and on transportation. That was mostly money that came from a an informal ‘savings scheme’, so we had saved for nearly a year to generate that kind of cash. But it was… Read More »

Good Reading for The Weekend #1

Have you ever tried to sell a diamond? A classic from Atlantic Monthly. Quite an eye opener in how diamonds were manipulated in the public eye. I like the pages that I discovered courtesy of 2million – My Journey to Financial Freedom. The blog links to some great reports courtesy of IDB on the Dow Jones 30. Should… Read More »