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Penny Stocks: What does an 80% decline tell you about this company?

I have been tossing these Spam emails for a while, but this one I decided to take a look at. I have no idea why anyone would trust an email from a company with one name in the link and another in the email address. That’s the second sign of a problem! Let’s take a look at the… Read More »

The British Pound vs. The Dollar

What is going on now? Last year the pound traded at over NT$66, now it is at NT$47 and likely to go to $45 soon. I was in Taipei 101 for lunch, and went upstairs to see the Taipei Stock Exchange which has recently agreed with London’s Stock Exchange on the sale of ETFs. This should be a… Read More »

Investing in Property: Can you tell the three kinds of property apart?

Yesterday was a beautiful October day in Taiwan. Christine and I had been talking about one of the steps I outlined earlier in A Man and a Plan: renting out property. I finally was able to analyze the figures and make some modest suggestions on how to capitalize on our return by renting out our home, and living… Read More »

Citigroup – is it sleeping now (NYSE: C)

This is the sixth installment of my look at the Dow Jones Companies, the thirty finest American companies. Today we’ll be looking at Citigroup. This company is now trading somewhat in the doldrums due to the rather tricky credit crunch. Having already looked at JP Morgan, many banks are under pressure, underwater, could this be the right time… Read More »

Purchase Order: 10 DIA at 105.14

Just a quick note: I purchased 10 shares of DIA at 105.14 or thereabouts this afternoon. I had originally owned this stock (ETF) about three years ago, and regretted selling it. I was finally able to buy the shares back cheaper than I sold them. Of course, I lost out on the dividends on the intervening years totalling… Read More »

Reading: Dragon’s Den – Would you enter the dragon’s lair?

While on holiday in the UK, I came across the TV Show on BBC called “Dragon’s Den“. This show isn’t a copy of the Apprentice, as it uses a very different format. Entrepreneurs approach a group of venture capitalists with their various ideas seeking additional capital for expansion. It’s a fascinating series: Take a gander, yourself! The group… Read More »

Story: The Box – How containerized shipments changed the world, the WTO, and your life

This story is one that was featurd on BBC News/Worldwide yesterday around lunchtime: The Story of the/a Container Box. The BBC says: BBC News embarks on a unique project telling the story of international trade by tracking a shipping container around the world for a year. The idea is devilishly simple: follow the box around the world and… Read More »

Buzz: Trading Concepts – Can you make money on E-Mini?

Since 2007, Linkworth has been providing me with regular reviews for some time now, and now I’m looking at a website that aims to help traders perform much better in the stock market. The website is called Trading Concepts, Inc. and you can find the URL at, and aims to teach investors how to trade on a… Read More »

Settlement Capital Corp.: creating image, authority and presence in your industry

Getting an extra pair of eyes to look over your website can be a very useful way to gain feedback on your website’s strengths and weaknesses. I’m writing a full review for the Settlement Capital’s website, courtesy of LinkWorth. In this review, we’ll briefly explore what structured settlements are, Settlement Capital Corporations, and their website.What is Settlement Capital?… Read More »