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Personal Development: Are you imprisoned by “Duality Disorder”?

I was reading a recent posting on John Chow’s Blog that looked at the issue of Getting It Done. I’m not going to rewrite John’s post for him, but I was reading the comments that were attached. I don’t know if it was just me but I saw a lot of posters using Duality Disorder (the sometimes inappropriate… Read More »

Rookie: About to get rooked?

I am a rookie investor who doesn’t know much about stocks, etc. I want to invest a small amount, maybe 3000 USD (100,000 NT) or so. I am willing to take medium risk, but don’t have much time to research or deal with this investment everyday. I just want to put it somewhere for like half a year… Read More »

JoelMaxwell: The Fall and Rise of Success?

I recently found this incredible story of how a regular guy got $556,000 (archived only) in debt. I was intrigued that this was so easy for him to do. The original blog is now missing, and the story is now unavailable at It intrigues me that our societies now treat debt so lightly and make it so easy… Read More »