Cashquests is GONE…

By | November 21, 2007

After the successful auction I reported yesterday… Well, seems that Cashquests’ inspiring blog by Kumiko Suzuki is gone… I logged into see what was happening after her blog was sold, and to my horror I found this ugly domain place holder. All other posts are now redirecting to that domain parking mess. Ugly as sin… I’m sure she must be shocked, too.

cashquests is gone

I can’t even bring myself to link to the CRAPPY Domain that has taken its place. Of course, its Page Rank has gone back to zero after such a huge change… Let’s hope that the new owner is planning to resurrect the blog. After all, moving a domain, posts and a blog to a new location isn’t that hard…

We’ll be checking back in seven days to see what is happening. I don’t see how with a top 5000 ranking on Technorati, a PR of 5, and a high Alexa ranking that giving up this blog can be a good thing… What are your thoughts? I’m sure you’ll miss her blog as much as I do… I know I’ll miss the traffic from that link she sold me!

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