Can Blogging get you fired? It might… if you worked for the CIA!

By | June 19, 2007

These days, downsizing or termination or being fired can happen more quickly and more easily than ever before except if you work for yourself. Recent large companies downsizing include all the big three car companies… What if you were a CIA agent and you got downsized? What could you do?

Here’s how it might go:

My name’s Weston. Michael Weston. ‘W’ to my friends. And here’s my problem – I’ve been fired. As a special operative for the CIA, I regularly take part in covert operations in friendly and unfriendly nations. Intelligence gathering is my remit.

Last week, we were attending a conference for Blogging in London. Naturally, I went undercover as an ace technology intelligence gathering expert for a private company. Using complex statistical software, we were able to gather, refine and produce top-secret intelligence reports for the CIA.

Unfortunately, my cover was blown wide open. On my blog, I had placed a link to my personal Twitter account (a front for the blog!), but it included a link to one of my ‘personal’ pages. Visiting that page, a visitor found that it was linked to my other site on Facebook, and boom! I was blown. These ‘other’ pages aren’t indexed at all. But still… A rather dumb mistake for an intelligence operative!

Now I’m out looking for a job… perhaps I’ll be the first blogger to blog about the CIA – the inside story. Of course, I’ll have to do it ‘undercover’.

Of course, this is fiction, but what if…? If you are interested in finding out how Michael Weston was fired on the new TV series, Burn Notice, visit USA Network’s Burn Notice.

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