BuzzFEST#6: Before I am famous – “learning how to fly”

Next in my series of 30 Blogbuzzes is “Before I am Famous“! The graphic on the front page is quite odd, it makes me wonder why the author chose that image … The blog itself is written by a “J. Scott“. The title made me think of the theme song to the Hit TV show ‘Fame’, one of my favorite TV shows when I was a kid!

I’m gonna live forever.
I’m gonna learn how to fly,
I feel it coming together,
People will see me and cry

And on to the blog, … introducing ‘Before I am Famous“…


There are a large number of categories in her blog, covering a lot of personal writing, domestic matters, fashion, shopping and travel. For my readers, I”ve chosen Cool Blogs and Money as linked categories for you to try out! Today, she’s just finished reorganising her blog, so it’s a great opportunity to visit and see the new ‘cleaner’ look!

Suggestions: Specific Blog, Own Domain Name, and URL!

Given that much of her blog is devoted to her personal writings, I feel that it would be a good idea to separate her work (her portfolio) at some point from her other bloggings and stuff! That would give readers a sense that her writing (poetry, stories and essays) can stand on its own. But if it is included in amongst posts for news, shopping, furniture and other stuff, it seems less important!… Just my thoughts. I’d recommend also having your own domain name, as Argus is coming, and that may make things easier for Payperpost work. Also, why is the title of the blog different from the address of the blog! It would make it easier to remember if it were the same.

If you’d like a blogbuzz, “like Before I am Famous”, then hop on over to buzz your BlogFest , read the instructions, and sign up today. There are only 22 buzzes to go, and 16 days! So hurry! I wonder if we can make 22 buzzes in 16 days! … Let’s try.