BuzzFest #9:

Well, in October I ran a little promotional campaign that was quite successful. In the campaign, Bloggers were asked to:

* 1. just write 50 words about InvestorBlogger (this blog) in your blog and
* 2. link to one or two specific posts in my blog(you can choose!)!
* 3. don’t forget to link to the BlogBuzz page here!
* 4. then just contact me via the form on this page! It’s THAT Easy!

While I didn’t reach my objective of 30 reviews, I came across some wonderful sites. But as the program was coming to an end, Google dropped its PR ranking bomb, and the effects were felt across the Internet. In the meantime, Lisa from stopped by for a review, and I forgot! Woops! So, before I forget again, I’d like to return the linky love to by reviewing her blog…


The blog’s stated aim is to review “… the things you want to know about …”. And, truly the range is quite impressive from Arts to Videography, and taking in things that I want to know about such as Internet/Web Design/Blogging; Music/Movies/Video Games/TV; and Shopping/Product Reviews (to name but a few).

I found some reviews of children’s products that appealed (in fact, we already had Chicka Chicka in our school library), such as books and learning products. These appeal as we run a school that provides language instruction for younger learners. One suggestion, though, if possible have an archive that lists the actual posts as well as the months. It makes it easier to speed search for things that I want to read!

If you’d like a blogbuzz, like Lisa’s Reviews, then hop on over to Buzz your BlogFest, read the instructions, and sign up today. There are only 21 buzzes to go! I’m happy to say I’m extending the program until I reach 30 buzzes or Christmas comes first! So hurry before I forget!