BuzzFest #5: Know a New Freedom

In my series of 30 Blogbuzzes, we’ve got to number 5! This time’s buzz features the blog with the quixotic title Know a New Freedom. So sit back, and enjoy the charm design of this blog. Who writes this blog? I think it is a lady called Anais, but I can’t find her name anywhere or indeed any personal information except what she’s written on the about page. Nor can I find where I got this request. Oh, well. Hoping you don’t mind!


The writer covers an array of topics that would be of interest to InvestorBlogger’s readers, including Finances, Internet, and Good Deals. Not only those, but the author goes onto write extensively about subjects close to her heart such as Addiction, Recovery, and Self-Help.

I found that the following posts were particularly interesting:

The Spending Spree: in which she writes “Once I did the bills and saw that we were going to be tight on money, I panicked a little bit inside” – I’d say if you like shopping then perhaps putting some fences around what you can spend before you go would be a good idea. Or set aside some money just to ‘splurge’ after all you need to reward yourselves for good behavior.

Slogans: I particularly enjoyed her comments: “Identify, Don’t Compare – When I’m in a situation where I find myself feeling uncomfortable, it’s easy for me to start comparing myself to others on some imagined ladder of self worth. I put myself either above or below others, when really, I need to lay the ladder down and put us all on equal ground then start looking for what we have in common.” In the financial world, it’s too easy for people to judge others by how much they have got in the bank, or at the very least, how much they appear to have.

Some good posts, that made me stop and think about things. So if you’re feeling the need for a little wisdom, hop on over to Know a New Freedom and see what she’s written today.

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