BuzzFest #11: AFrogToKiss

By | December 5, 2007


We’ve been doing buzzes for quite some time, but the pace of buzzes dropped off… I nearly forgot to buzz (unless I already did!). This time it’s for a websites not about frogs… but a whole lot of things: Blogging, Shopping Deals, A Blog A Day, and of course, Geeky Stuff.

Given the size and the popularity of her blog, she was wondering if she should move to a private server… I do think it’s a worthwhile move for her. It will provide her with much stability, resources and flexibility should her blog be stumbled or dugg. In fact, she will be able to increase the resources in a few minutes with the solution provided by Dreamhost. So, yes, go ahead. But be aware. It can get more expensive. I’m currently paying about $40 per month for my VPS, but I think the hosting is worth it. Really. I find it comforting that I no longer have to share my host with dozens of other websites.

If you’d like a blogbuzz, like AFrogToKiss’s, then hop on over to Buzz your BlogFest, read the instructions, and sign up today. There are only 18 buzzes to go! I’m happy to say I’m extending the program until I reach 30 buzzes or Christmas comes first! So hurry before I forget!

Disclaimer: I was featured as a “Blog of the Day” in November, and I signed up to advertise in her TopSpots

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