BuzzFEST #1 – Investing

The first person to take me up on my buzzfest for October is Jorge who runs a cool looking financial news blog with a cow big bull on the front page, much better than the design for my pages! It’s a visually attractive website with very nice layout material, doesn’t look at all generic, despite the fact the CSS is free. And the URL is a great one: Investing Adventures dot com.


I don’t know how he finds the time to write such a blog because in the third quarter, he made a portfolio gain of over 50%. That’s quite impressive.

I do like the way Jorge handles category pages, but I don’t think the drop down menu for page categories is a good idea. It hides the category links away from visitors, and makes categories seem very unimportant. Also, it would be a good idea to have an archive page, too, so that readers can find your previous posts easily.

Great blog, I already signed up for the newsletter! I’m sure I’ll be following your tips, too!

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