Buzz: What are your eyes wearing this Christmas?

With Christmas around the corner, and a season of festive blogging ahead of us, as I stare at the screen with my dirty lenses, I’m beginning to wonder if a new set of lenses and frames mightn’t be the answer to my squinting at the screen. It was something I was first aware of driving on the A9 to Inverness one morning. I couldn’t see the huge motorway signboards ahead clearly. I pulled over at Borders, downed a cup of coffee, and felt significantly better as a result.

But still, the thought my eyes were getting worse (or at least the left one) haunted my coffee and my reading. Here’s a problem I’ve had since I was 16 but it’s been stable. Could my eyesight be that poor? So I selected a pair of Rimless Metal Frames with Temples. These come in a Petal Style, which is perhaps a little gaudy for my taste. Of course, I’ll prefer the more conservative brown for the frames.


I don’t usually buy new glasses even with Holiday frames just for a single season. I prefer to own glasses for the longer term, but I already own three pairs of glasses (one old pair, one new pair, and one pair for driving with tints) so it doesn’t seem out of place to own a seasonal pair. There are so many styles of frames and lenses available, at the prices I saw, it would be affordable to buy a new pair for every day of the festive season from Lent to Ephiphany.

As a regular blogger, I do find that I spend a lot more time staring at the monitor of my computers; so it is important to look after my eyes. I would certainly add an anti-reflective coating as well to prevent glare in night driving, and might even help me with the glare from my computer monitor! At $4.95, it wouldn’t add much to the cost, and would seem to be in keeping with these more austere financial times.