Buzz: SecureZip your files in a zip! Free Download!

securezipKeeping your data safe and secure is an ongoing challenge as the amount of data grows ever larger. Compression Tools made it easier early on to manage the amount of data by reducing the required amount of space for data. But the so-called ‘zipped’ files weren’t particularly secure, esp. if you had to email them across the internet.

Enter PKWare’s new ZIP software fromsecurity options which offers a secure alternative to previous versions of its original and useful pkzip programs. In fact, they are offering a free license to users on a short term basis. “Free” as in you have to register your name and email address to get the file, but downloading is easy and it is NOT trialware. It’s a full license.

They claim “SecureZIP – The next generation of ZIP”, and after a few days, I will be giving it a full review to answer that claim! Its convenenience and security rest on its integration with mail platforms, especially Outlook, but I found on my system that it worked well with Thunderbird. Its security features consist of up to 256 Bit AES encryption as well as the ability to add passwords or X.509 Certificates. Now that’s secure. This tool should really help the blogger! And the price is right!