Buzz: NetCars – netting more than just a few fish!

I’d like to welcome one more sponsor to the website, in fact they bought TWO links! This time it’s for who recently purchased two links on the sidebar. As my way of saying ‘Thank You’, I’m providing a little Monday Morning Buzz with your Latte!

netcars buzz

NetCars Finance provides drivers with financing for their four-wheel affairs, whether it’s a humble Mazda 1.6 Isamu, or a Mercedes C-class… and, the neat factor, the loans can be for new cars as well as used cars! This company provides finance services in the UK, and allows you to buy your car from ANY dealer. So you don’t have to sort through difficult financing agreements with the dealer, and you can focus on the important things: extra features, leather trim, … all those little things that make buying a car fun!

This buzz is brought to you by NetCars.Co.UK.