Buzz: Making Money Magazine – Franchising in the UK

I just came back from Blighty. At the airport, there were no newspapers for the flight to HongKong so desperation drove me to find something else. That’s what happens when you buy good reading for the flight but then pack your flight reading in your check-in bag, not the carry on one! Doh!

making money magazine

There were stacks of a newish magazine (or at least one I had never heard of) called Making Money Magazine which is primarily about the franchising market in the UK. There are lots of feature articles on all sorts of companies from almost every industry you could imagine, including some very prominent names like BurgerKing, Subway, etc. Their online contact form lists over 400 different franchises. The only problem with the magazine is you can’t read it online, it’s a print-only publication, though the website is quite informative in its own way.