Buzz: Making Calendars for 2008! #1 in my series!

calendar 2008I’ve been having a little fun … making calendars on If you are interested, you can read my other posts about You can check out my second edition of 2007’s calendar with revised dates, titles, but the same high standard of print! I have one hanging on my wall at the office!

Kenneth Dickson’s Storefront –

Pictorial Tour of the UK including London, Highland, and BrightonPictorial Tour of the UK including London, Highland, and Brighton (calendar)

Print: $29.95

Calendar of Images for 2008. This calendar includes thirteen of the best pictures during my summer trip to the U.K. I do hope you’ll enjoy my calendar. Images of a variety of natural places: parks, lakes, ocean views, mountain views, etc.. Enjoy the sumptuous colors, the rich feel, and when the year is over, cut the pictures out, and display them in a frame. They’ll last a long time!

Here’s a set of the images. Apologies for the small size!


Check out the Lulu Store. See if you can do this too. It’ll make a great present!