Buzz: In Series Plugin so you can put your all ducks in a row!

Problems notwithstanding, I’m still going to keep posting. I still don’t know exactly what is going on with my website. But it seems to be available to some people, but not to me. Oh, well, it could be just the typhoon we’re experiencing right now.

Today’s Buzz is actually for a plugin that I thought would go wonderfully well with my series on WordPress for beginners. It’s called ‘In Series’, and today the author of the plugin contacted me with this suggestion.

Travis writes:

I came across your “wordpress classes” series of posts you may want to check out the In Series plugin. If you put those posts into a series with that plugin, they’ll cross-link to one another so that if I enter the site on “Lesson 6” (as I did), I can jump immediately to the start of the series, or at the very least follow the posts backwards in order until I’ve found the beginning.

I’m including a screenshot from Travis’ website (sorry Travis) … I’d usually do my own, but these days things are not usual.3 0 add to existing

Well, Travis, I look forward to trying it out as soon as my website returns to ‘normal’. Thanks.

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