Buzz: FormaSpace – create your own workdesk or bench!

It’s not often that you find a website that allows you to create your own furniture, but Lab Furniture from FormaSpace does just that!

FormaSpace designs and manufactures their own “technical furniture, accessories, and services.” So while the solutions aren’t appropriate for the living room, or perhaps even your house, you might find a great use for them in your study, office or workroom!

In fact, I had great fun turning one of their plain desks into a multi-purpose desk for a workroom/computer room. Take a look and see what I did.



It’s got two keyboard trays, extra lighting and lots of shelf space for systems, books and other junk. You can do the same thing from their 3D designer page. Now, if they’d deliver to Taiwan… But the goodnews is they deliver to Canada and the US.

Bench and Post designed by FormaSpace.