Buzz: AuthorHouse – Can they turn Bloggers into Authors? Could be…

authorhouseFor many bloggers, writing is a daily passion as they blog daily about their interests, hobbies and lives. Yet many bloggers do not know how easy it would be to convert their blogs into books.

This would be a good step for many reasons: increasing your cashflow, reaching out to readers beyond your blog, preserving your efforts in a different format, etc.. Authorhouse has been helping authors self-publish for years, and now they are asking InvestorBlogger for a buzz on their website.

So if you are interested in publishing your work online, you should read about their step-by-step process to help new authors get their projects completed on time. Unfortunately, they don’t provide quotes on their website, so you have to complete a little form with information about your project and submit it to them to get information about their publishing services and pricing.

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