Buzz: Alive Directory for Blogs – great categories, good editorial!

I have been known to be skeptical of directories of blogs, and was churlish enough to criticize a blogger for espousing such a policy. But you know, I have recently been adding InvestorBlogger to a number of blog directories as a way to boost traffic and for SEO reasons. So far, some have generated a lot of traffic and others none!


Highly Promoted Blog DirectoryAnd so, I’m giving Alive Blog Directory a little buzz… In fact, I was quite impressed with the Alive Directory’s Blog Post which examined factors for determing quality web directories, including an important but underrepresented quality in most search engines, automated directories, etc, these days – editorial review. As a website owner, the tips actually could be helpful in eliminating the vast majority of useless directories and focusing on those directories that have value, either in terms of SEO or traffic (or BOTH!).

A cursory look at the directory itself shows a wide range of categories, no more lumping your personal diet blog or your favorite movies blog in the very explanatory ‘Other’ category, or ‘Misc’, or even just ‘Blogs’! Though this directory is not free, perhaps that fee will help to discourage the ‘adult’ websites, junk directories and numerous spam filled websites from spamming their categories and turning them into ‘bad neighborhoods’.

A suggestion, though: create a page or set of pages, highlighting the benefits of using your service and portraying the results of websites that did so. Perhaps an interview or two would be sufficient to generate a good testimonial page! That would definitely add kudos.

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