BuyList: Find the inside scoop on buying and selling

I have been investing for quite a few years, and of course, got burned in the recent Dot.Com Boom/Crash. I think, if it had been around, would have helped me see who was dumping stocks while I was on the wrong end of the transaction! In the future, we won’t get burned by the big boys if we have access to this kind of information!How does it work? They gather stock transaction data from the top mutual funds then we can query their database to find out which funds and fund families recently bought or sold that stock.

For example, if you are interested in Yahoo (YHOO), you can query the website and see which funds have bought or sold Yahoo recently. Given that 80% of all stock activity in the market is fund generated, this could be very useful information on which stocks to dump or purchase. You will find out which mutual fund investors are buying or selling.image

I also found an interesting page that links to expert Warren Buffett and his interests. Why not take a look? Now where is my password and login ID?…

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