Buy, Sell and Hold: Javascripts for my blog, and Yours!

I recently added up the number of Javascripts and Plugins that are on my blog… It’s like 20 plugins and 17 javascripts. So, if you are noticing a slowdown, and longer page loading times, then I apologize. I have to cut down some of the less essential ones. I am awarding grades out of five for verdicts to help figure out what is a ‘buy’, what’s a ‘hold’, and what’s a ‘sell’.

All my javascripts are listed here:

  • BlugRush – I was enticed to readd this with the promise of better quality traffic. So far, BlogRush shows lots of traffic, but I didn’t see ANY click throughs directly from BlogRush. … still I will leave it right now for a while longer, even though it is mostly spewing spam blogs with nothing but links to articles. Verdict: **/5
  • RealTrafficExchange – I recently added this as a way to generate additional traffic, but it’s a waste of time. My blogs haven’t been approved at all. Verdict: */5.
  • ScratchBackWidget – I can’t make up my mind on this javascript, I took it down, then replaced, then took it down again. Then I replaced it. I guess I’ll keep it. Verdict: ***/5. I’m looking for this to improve with age.
  • ADDTHIS – Definitely keep this. In fact I have three on each page. Is that too many? Verdict: *****/5.
  • Forbes – I joined this ad network because of its supposedly prestigious advertising connections. But it seems to be turning into a lame duck for me. Unprofessional. Sharon Gitelle sent out the first code for the badge: it wasn’t even HTML or Javascript. Bad… Out. 350 impression, and only showing one network ad. I also have the blogger badge. This slows down the loading. Verdict: */5.
  • MyBlogLog: Actually, I have three scripts installed from them apparently: my bloglog widget, my bloglog profile, and my bloglog visitors (at the bottom). That’s likely two too many. Overall, the verdict: ***/5. I’ll keep one of them.
  • Blogmad: BlogMad is a network of Bloggers who operate a traffic network system. I like to show my blog in there amongst blogs of a similar category. It helps to build traffic and visitors.
  • Alexa: A largely inaccurate way to measure traffic and visitor depth to a website as an objective measurement. Seriously inaccurate for all but the biggest sites as its data sample is far too small. I keep it for measuring some traffic as its generally the only independent measurement of some standing. Still. It is not worth more than – Verdict: ***/5.
  • RealRank: Another way to measure the traffic to a website, it was first touted by Payperpost (later Izea) as an answer to the Google RankSpank. Well, it’s now available, but SocialSpark is not. Useful but not worth more than – Verdict: ***/5.
  • NetAudioAds was purported to be a new concept in ads that allowed an ad to be played when a visitor went to a particular page. Unfortunately, it has been beta-testing for quite a long time. We keep being promised a roll-out, but all I can say is Verdict: */5 largely for tardiness.
  • PPP: This code allows me to participate in the PayPerPost Network. Since I haven’t had an opportunity to write about anything there (not even ones that I set up), I’m considering removing it, but haven’t gotten around to it. Also, since PPP isn’t no_follow yet, this presents a conundrum. Verdict: before: *****/5 now */5. Who knows about tomorrow?
  • Google Analytics: Essential code for making sense of the traffic that visits your blog or website. Highly recommended, even if it’s from the Google Grinch. Verdict: ****/5

I guess I’ll be removing most of these in the next few hours. Why weigh down your blog? Eh…

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