Business Cards: free or not? Get them for your business!

For those of us starting out in business, business cards never seem like an important expense. Nor in fact do they make it to the list of ‘important things to do’ in the tight deadline phase of startup or the excitement of opening.

I doubt even ‘free business cards’ would be enough to attract the busy entrepreneur from their tasks, BUT having set up several businesses over the years, and been embarrassed on many occasions by not having even free business cards to hand, I daren’t think how many opportunities I lost this way!, I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your cards done.

Even free business cards would be better than none. They allow you to give out important information to people, create a good impression on the card itself, and remind people to call when they fish them out of their bags or wallets! They even carry on selling your business, long after you’ve forgotten about them!

So, do yourself a favor, get a business card, and carry it with you at all times!

This post has been provided by the good folks at Business Cards for Free.