Bugged by Spam: Ban These IP Addresses with WP-Ban

By | January 30, 2009

Are you being bugged by spam comments on your blog? While it’s likely they come from a vast array of IP addresses, I’ve found that I control most of them by banning just a few IP addresses. You can use my updated list below.

If you want to add some IP addresses, do let me know by adding them to this form, it’s pretty easy. Just use the form below to add the IP Addresses you want me to include on my list.

Include only IP addresses that spam your blog more than once. And remember I can’t include EVERY spam IP address. But banning 80% of the spam before it hits the blog will make your life MUCH easier. I promise I won’t spam your email address, just to keep you update with the latest list, that’s it! To use the list of IP addresses, just download Lester Chan’s wonderful WP-Ban plugin, and paste the entire list into the Banned IPs area. Then hit ‘submit’. You should see far fewer comments than before.

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