Blogging Tools: WordPress Tiger Admin plugin (updated!)

By | December 13, 2006

I just got an email a few minutes ago from Steve Smith saying.

I just wanted to let you know that the WordPress Tiger Admin plugin has been updated to version 3.0, and is available at This version has been completely redesigned, and has much better compatibility with the newest WordPress features.

Tiger Admin is a plugin that changes the administration system’s presentation to a new style. It usually works very well but for IE it defaults back to the standard installation. On FF, and other browsers that support CSS, it will show up. Installation is a snap, too. Nothing to mess around with.

I used version 2.1, I am busy downloading version 3.0 at the moment. I should have some comments on its usability, in a few days. You can check out the screenshots of the installation at the above link.

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