Blogging Software: BlogDesk

Blog Desk is an interesting blog editor. Its website states:

Blogging should be simple, but it gets complicated and time-consuming if you are serious about it. BlogDesk makes it easy to write, speeds up lavish processes and assists the author with smart features.

And actually, I’d agree with that assessment. I’m using it as I write this post. It’s simple, it’s got most of the basic features, but there are some important limitations, too.


OK. The pluses:

  1. It has a very simple interface that makes it easy to do the most important things, you won’t get distracted. But you can get down to work right away.
  2. It installs simply in every system since Windows 98SE, making it the most ‘open’ minded Windows software! Now that is a good thing.
  3. Everything else compares favorably with the actual WordPress Interface, but it’s all on your desktop.
  4. It’s got a template function, that may be quite helpful, if you want to add a certain text to posts, or if you need to add a standard layout (e.g. a textbox with some code in it) for posts.
  5. Its image wizard tools are VERY helpful in getting the right settings for pictures on your blog!
  6. It’s opensource, and ‘free’.

The minuses:

  1. I can’t find any way to edit the categories, which may be a problem if you need to add a new category for a posting you’re writing.
  2. Also, there seems to be no access to posts that you have already started in WordPress, but you want to finish on your PC.
  3. It may not support your type of blogging CMS system, though many of the standard ones are supported, such as EE, WP, MT and Drupal.

Since I’ve only just started using BlogDesk, I’d like to share those reflections with you all. I’ll probably add more as I go along, so do check back!

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