Blogging Network: It happened by accident!

It looks like my WordPress network is now growing. I thought I would have just two blogs… in reality, it’s much more like 6.  And so, presenting Kenneth’s Blogging Network (part 1!).

Obblogatory Actually, this is the one that started it all. It used to be hosted right here. But then the topics expanded, and the focus became much less Investing and much more general blogging. Oddly, it had a PR5! Now, I’m struggling along with a PR3! Oh, well. I didn’t know what a PR5 was worth then. Posting schedule is approximately 2-4 a week!

HKJTEFL Perhaps this is my latest experiment as I focus on EFL, which is my area of expertise. It’s called EFL in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan (hence the name). But there aren’t many posts, and I’m not happy with the theme yet, either. I used to have another ESL blog, so I uploaded the posts from there, but I’ve only posted a few so far. Posting schedule is about 1-2 a week. is the website that is co-blogged by three (or four!?) writers, mostly teachers from our school. We upload stuff including videos, audio, lots of pictures of student work, and a wide range of other stuff about our language school. It varies from one or two posts a week, to one or two posts a day. It’s not very well marketed yet, either.

So, including this one, that makes four blogs! There are also a bunch of other sites I administer on more or less a regular basis. Geez… I really got to focus more!