Blogging: Is your blog ‘mobile’?

Our business has been doing a lot of promotion activity recently with posters, videos, bloggings… When I made the first round of posters, I forgot to put the web address on the poster. It was only after the posters were distributed that I realized my mistake!

So I set about rectifying this mistake, by creating a small star bulletin with only the website address on it! As I was going around, I also thought to myself “Who’s going to try to memorize the address, run home and look it up on the Internet?” Not many. Since it was a poster, I figured there was no way to create a take away flyer and attach it. Still, I though “better to have it than not.”

Then light dawned. People would likely whip out their mobile and record it somehow there. Yes, then they might (if their mobile is WAP or G2.5+ enabled) even browse to the website while they are standing looking at it!

That’s when I remembered Alex King’s plugin:WP Mobile Edition.

A PDA friendly interface for your blog. It’s (almost) XHTML compliant. You can see it in action by visiting this site in a mobile browser.

It’s updated with the latest version 2.0 dated 2006-11-03.

Anyway, my business blog now is enabled for mobile blogging. I tested it using Opera v9.X which has a mobile view function for testing, and plenty of software for mobile users. I’ve attached the jpeg of the website, so you can see.

mobile nozkidz

 Tell me: is your blog ‘mobile’? How does it look on a mobile phone? Did you think it is important or not?

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