BlogBuzz #5: My Opinion Counts, and a little more…

In 2007, I started doing a few BlogBuzzes for people, and in 2008 I am continuing my BlogBuzz. This is a great way to get your blog seen around the Net, and I get my blog seen on your blog… We all win!

We’ve already had a bunch of Buzzes handed out to great bloggers… If you’re still interested, drop me a line in the contact form. Do complete the opp first. The buzzes can be short or long, but at least a minimum of 50 words, please!

Karen’s Opinion is Buzz Number 5 on my list! Welcome to this Buzz and let’s take a look at your blog.


In fact, I already buzzed one of Karen’s blogs last year, if you remember. Karen is an avid blogger and authors at least three blogs that I know of, perhaps more! Her chosen topics are more suited to a general blog where the blog reflects the interests of the author, rather than a niche blog. In many ways, it’s similar to one of my own blog’s style (like Investorblogger used to be). Here are some of her chosen areas that are of likely interest to my own readers: Blogging and computers, Entertainment Movies Arts Books, Food, Our Business, our home, a work in progress and Travel. You can also visit their business website at MosersFloorCoverings. I tried to get an appointment for our house in Taipei, but they said it was out of their business area… Well, imagine that! Those floor coverings do look good.

That’s it for Buzz #5. I think I managed to hit more than one blog on that buzz! If you are interested, just read about the buzz and drop me a line!

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