Beringer’s White Zinfandel 2006: light, delicious and refreshing

white zinfandel 2006

This post starts a series of posts on this blog called “The Finer Things in Life” (or should it be subtitled “Life’s guilty little pleasures”?)

Step up #1 in the list: Beringer’s 2006 White Zinfandel. We found them at Costco in Taipei City, and purchased several of them. Each time I have found them to be consistent in flavor, delicious and inexpensive.

The Beringer Website notes

The nose has lovely floral notes that are reminiscent of the wonderfully refreshing Spumante’s of Italy, with citrus and strawberry fruit nuances. The palate begins with a nice, classic “mousse” mouthfeel, and strawberry, brown spice and citrus flavors interplay with a refreshing acidity that carries everything into a long, delicious finish.

While it was recommended to eat with pasta, chicken and seafood, we tried it with steak and salad. It went well because the steak was lightly cooked and served with salad and other lighter foods. Ideal for summer food! But then I’m no expert!

Priced at $6.00 on the website, I can’t really remember what we paid. I’ll update that when I find the receipt. It was about NT$269, I think… but I could be wrong. So don’t forget to pick one up on the way home.