Beginning Blogging – Blogger is great for beginners!

Interested in starting in blogging? Not sure if it’s something you want to do on a regular basis? That’s fine, there are a variety of simple and free ways to get started on blogging, but ONE big consideration. One great tool is … Blogger, owned now by Google.
With Blogger, you can be up and running by “creating a blog in 3 easy steps” or so they claim. Indeed, that is how I started of blogging, but I didn’t get much head of steam before I got preoccupied. Still it’s easy and fairly powerful. You can write your first post easily and quickly, and there is a bunch of useful functions that you can learn and play with in the meantime, all accessible from the toolbar.


For the first time, just hit “Create New Post” button and type in the screen that comes up.

Create A Post

Type your title and a link to any post or item that you want to refer to on the Internet. Then in the shaded box below, check the tools for writing. All of them are self explanatory, even to MSWrite users! Then hit the “Create” button below. Congratulations your first post!