Audio Books – Information Streams to Income Streams

Do you listen to audiobooks? They’re great for when you’re driving, jogging or stuck on a long subway journey.  If so, then free downloadable audio books offers investorbloggers like us a great way to bring ourselves uptodate on a wide range of business topics. A good sample below is the Wall Street Journal.

Every weekday, an audio edition of The Wall Street Journal will be delivered to your desktop! At 6:30 am EST, The Morning Read arrives with word-for-word recordings of the Journal’s most popular columns and briefings from the Marketplace, Money & Investing, and Front Sections. Plus, you’ll also get features, columns, and reviews from the Weekend Journal. The “Weekend” never sounded so good!

There’s quite a bunch of good ‘reading’ here, too.

Career Skills – 346 audio books Investing – 162 audio books Leadership – 272 audio books Management – 298 audio books Marketing – 97 audio books News & Opinions – 140 audio books Sales – 80 audio books

I’m interested in these three titles:

So, guys, get out your MP3 players and audiobook your success today!