Are you selling your blog? I’m interested…

I’m looking to buy a blog (or blogs) with content and some traffic. The suggested blog focus is similar to one of my existing themes categories or topics, I may be interested:

First does your blog meet these requirements?

#1 Must be self-hosted and running some version of WordPress (not
#2 Must be unique posts (ie. not published elsewhere).
#3 Traffic levels at least 100 visitors a month on average.
#4 PR is not required, though.
#5 Monetization Stats are NOT required.
#6 English Language Blogs Only.

Please comment me with information, or contact me, or email me ( investorblogger @ gmail dot com), suggested pricing and availability. I will be buying the content, the domain and anything else you care to include. I will negotiate the price with you.

This would be ideal for a blogger who is giving up their blog and/or would like to sell their blog and is concerned about selling: I plan to maintain the original blog and begin adding to the archives again. Any Questions?

I will examine deals that I receive: if you think your blog is suitable, why not drop me a line?